Friday, December 9, 2016

Chief-A-Tree Family - Lone Star Ballaz

Chief-A-Tree Family is a trio that represents from the wicked streets of Fort Worth, TX. The group consists of JFK, Head Turner and the in house producer, O.Z. Lone Star Ballaz is their debut album and it was released in 2001 on Off The Hook Records. Production is led by O.Z., who tends to bring a contemporary Down South production pattern. A type of pattern that is upbeat and customary for nearly any post millennium release from Texas. It may be a typical palette but it does not have any shortcomings. The rhythmical atmosphere is flexible enough to be enjoyed and not be too complicated or complex. Lyrically the album is at a respectable level. The two rappers are fluent in their vocals and their styles are modest to say the least. Both of them rely on simple rhyme schemes with moderate amounts of word play. There are a few tracks where the artists really do step out of their comfort zone and truly excel upon the microphone but for the most part things are kept simple and to the point. Guest appearances are made by Crystal, R. Sneed and Lil Wet. The album sounds off with a competent total of fifteen tracks with varying topics. All in all, it's a satisfactory release from the group and one that flirts with the lines of average and good. The record does have a few highlights but the straightforward approach from the artists seems to hinder any progress. And while the release won't take home any majestic awards, it is still quite commendable to see the group's dedication and devotion to their art.

Deadly Verses
Big Momma

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