Friday, December 30, 2016

196 Clique - No Love Part 1

196 Clique is a collective that represents from the Northern ends of Memphis, TN. The group consists of Killer B, Pimp CC, Ms. Vicious, Mr. Lil' E and Pimp Lil' D. They initially debuted on the scene in 1996 with their hardcore release called, "Crucifixes." No Love Part 1, is their sophomore effort and it was released in 1999 on Golden Entertainment. Production duties are split between Pimp Lil' D, Mr. Lil' E and Pimp CC. Together, they set a dark and grim atmosphere for the rhythms. The beats exemplify that typical Memphis underground sound. In most cases, a hard edged sample is endlessly looped which is then accompanied by some profound bass lines and topped off with some heavy drums. There are some tracks that are a bit smooth and laid back but the rest strictly stick to their horror core roots. Lyrics are also of a ghastly nature. The members are all fluent in their tongue twisting styles and they can easily display their art with cruelty. Eerie and horrid rhyme schemes are used thoroughly and a good amount attention is given to word play. The songs are composed very bluntly and to the point. There are no special vocal strategies or any alluring efforts involved. Also, some of the hooks and choruses could use some work too. Aside from those two blemishes, the record is pretty solid to say the least. Guest features are made by two of the M-Town greats, Playa Fly and Ska-Face Al Kapone. Overall, it's a decent record and one that can sustain itself only in the underground due to the vile and harsh nature of the core contents.

Deadly Verses
Don't Test My Pimpin

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