Saturday, December 24, 2016

Big Slack - Ready For Combat

Leroy Slack, better known as Big Slack, is a rapper that represents from the notorious third ward of New Orleans, LA. His first recording as an artist came on Doleamite's 1997 release, "Ruff-N-Da Ghetto." He was featured on two songs and both of them are now considered to be cult classics. After developing a small fan base with an aggressive soldier demeanor, he eventually came under the watchful eyes of George "Big King" Murry. At the time, Big King, who is an accomplished entrepreneur, had a fashion line, a local car wash and most importantly, a recording studio. Although King had the studio and all the necessary equipment, what he didn't have was an aspiring artist. He immediately signed Big Slack to his newly founded label and work soon began for a full length album. Ready For Combat is his debut album and it was released in 2002 on King's Entertainment. Most of the solid production is handled by DJ Tee and Big Roe while KLC, Dart, Juvenile and Ed all lend a helping hand. Together, they try to bring a different kind of sound to the table. A sound that incorporates elements from the infamous genre of Bounce while also fusing aspects from soldier-esque themes. A style, which has a strict set of drum cadence that is followed by a jubilant synth and concluded with gentle bass lines. It was this distinct rhythmical pattern that really caught the attention of the city of New Orleans in the mid to late nineties and it has been prominent there, ever since. Also, a lot of artists picked up on the soldier mentality that Master P and his No Limit camp were so famous for pushing. Not only did Master P and his crew flooded the market with that infamous campaign, they also inspired others to be just like them in sound, character and demeanor. Slack is a strong lyricist. His size along with his rough tone, allows him to overpower his listeners. He is energetic on his tracks and delivers them at a fair rate. There are times where he can really excel and go for the final blow in his rhyme but instead he ends up choosing the simpler route and thereby finishes humbly. It's this type of selfishness that brings the lyrical content to the next lower tier. Though, Big Slack understood this discrepancy which is why he invited a star studded guest list to help him in the lyrical department. Guest appearance are made by Juvenile, 6 Shot, 39 Posse, Full Blooded, Hot Boy Ronald, Josephine Johnny, Mr. Marcelo, Queen D, Big Ramp, The Royal Family, Lil' Elt, Ziggler Wiggler, The Three Kings, Pretty Boy, Young Assassin, Slugga, Hussle Man and Ms. Elisa Williams. Overall, this was a solid release by the artist and it's one that carries something for everybody. Whether the style on display is Bounce, Street, or Conscious, the listeners will get a small taste to acclimate themselves into their favorable areas . The album's versatile song list is its' strong point. The artist, along with his label, were both on the same wave length in construction and development. They knew exactly what the public wanted and they delivered just that. Although it may not be a masterpiece or a classic, the release is still rewarding to experience. An all rounded record and one that King's Entertainment and Big Slack can be truly proud of.

Deadly Verses
Give'em Props

Album Notes
* Big Slack's nickname is the Overweight Hot Boy.
* This was very the first album to be released under King's Entertainment.

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