Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Black Ghost - The Crossroads Of Life

Alvin Ray, better known as The Black Ghost, is a rapper that represents from the revolting boroughs of Oak Cliff in Dallas, TX. He is also a former football player for the University of Arkansas. It was at this acclaimed university where he met Derrick Dansby, a local DJ who goes by the alias of, DJ-D. The two of them decided to work on an album and officially enter the music industry. The Crossroads Of Life is their debut album and it was released in 2002 on Uniq Records. Production is guided by DJ-D, who tends to keep things simple for the most part. The beats are all derived electronically and are free of any sampling. Their originality oozes style which gives the record an overall refreshing feel. At times the rhythms can get a bit passive and lethargic but that's only because of their straightforward approach. Lyrically the album is at a stable and steady level. The Black Ghost can surprise the listener with his unique word play and technique. His flow is conveyed with a thick southern accent and is delivered at a fair pace. The rhymes show a lot of promise and are also quite intellectual in nature. Guest appearances are provided by G-Style, Fred T., Dahlia Evans and DJ-D. The album closes out with an ample total of sixteen tracks with varying subjects and topics. Overall this was a solid effort from the Oak Cliff native and while it won't break any barriers musically, it is still worth a listen. Since this is an underground release that hardly got any attention in its' heyday, one can only imagine what the artist can accomplish with a full fledged label and an experienced production team.

Deadly Verses
 The Crossroads Of Life

Album Notes
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