Saturday, December 10, 2016

Aggravated - Accept

Aggravated is a collective from the vicious streets of Houston, TX. As a whole, the group represents for the city of Houston but some of the members are from smaller cities in the vicinity such as, Pasadena and Freeport. While membership has varied throughout their active years, the original group consisted of Grimm, Filero, Balazo, Shadow, Lord Loco, Pranksta, Slinkey, Ikeman and Troublemaker. Now, the birth of Aggravated was laid by another local group in the early nineties known as the Mixed Colored Mafia. The Mixed Colored Mafia consisted of Big C, Lord Loco, A-K and Troublemaker. Under unfortunate circumstances, Big C and A-K were incarcerated. This then led to Lord Loco and Troublemaker hooking up with Grimm and Filero. This formation was billed as Aggravated and work soon began for a full length album. Accept is their debut album and it was released in 1995 on Aggravated Records. By the time Big C and A-K were released from jail, the album was near completion but both A-K and Big C did manage to get a guest spot in there. Production on this piece was led by Filero and Balazo with Grimm and his brother, Shadow also lending a helping hand. The beats are an ensemble of dark, synth filled rhythms that really set the theme for the entire album. Their edginess is surreal at times and their composure embodies the sound of the streets. While most are original in nature, there are some that are sample driven. The most notable one coming from the famous song "Burnin' And Lootin'" by Bob Marley & The Wailers which is used heavily on the track "I Am Your Future." Lyrically the record also bodes well. All the members carry a distinct style and they can all dominate the microphone with ease. Their rhymes are delivered sharply and vividly. Word play and various schemes are kept at a canny level. Meanwhile, extra emphasis is placed on the character and structure of a song. Also with such an extensive membership, there is never a dull moment. Mainly due to the different artists being used on different tracks, with some even getting a solo or a duet. Guest appearances are made by DJ Screw, K-Rino, A.C. Chill, DBX, Geto African, Hollowpoint, Ruff Eyque, Strych 9, Big C, A-K, Dren, Lil' Chuck and Acie. The record signs off with a modest total of eleven tracks all the while leaving the listener craving for more. This release was able to garner a good bit of success which eventually put the group into an ordeal with their record label. John J. Hernandez, the owner of Aggravated Records, wanted to take some members out and replace them with some other ones. He also wanted to change the group's distinct sound and powering image. Grimm and his fellow band mates wanted no part in this horrendous idea. This then became an internal conflict which was resolved by a litigation through the judicial system. John won the case and kept the rights to the name of the group. He then acted on his personal agenda and made his own version of Aggravated all the while releasing albums under that moniker. The original group moved on and signed with Jam Down Records and eventually became the group known as, The Most Hated. Accept will always be looked upon as a diamond in the rough type deal. It's a compelling work of art that also a brings upon an ominous feeling because of the group's unfortunate demise.

Deadly Verses
I Am Your Future (Radio) ft. Klondike Kat

Deadly Video

Album Notes
* Aggravated is also part of the South Park Coalition.

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