Saturday, October 17, 2015

N.U.T.S. - Shady Like Me

N.U.T.S. is a duo that represents from the raw streets of Knoxville, TN. The duo consists of A.P. and Nico and they have been in the industry since the early nineties. The two are not only established rappers but also well respected producers. Shady Like Me is their fourth album and it was released in 2000 on JK Music. Production is split between Nico and A.P. and it is truly of the exceptional quality. The beats are well crafted with an array of instruments and are strictly southern in content. They are all made originally without the use of samples and are a real treat to listen to. Even though the two producers stick to a simple recipe for the rhythms, the end result is surprisingly quite intricate. The lyrics are also very remarkable considering the time period of the release. The two rappers are just savages on the microphone and they present their rhymes with absolute realism. Their word play is marvelous and it is used as a key component of their compositions. The vocal delivery and timing is done with such precision that it makes their flows about as smooth as butter. The choruses and hooks are also very good and stay diverse throughout. Featuring on the album is K-Jam, Little E, Shay Mo and Chris T. Overall, this is a wonderful work of art with eighteen bona fide tracks. It is amazing to hear such a release that did not get infected by the times. Not only do these two stay true to their art but they also send out a very strong message. They portray themselves as who they are and not what they want to be. The reality is in their music and it oozes a compelling vibe when played. It is now up to the listener to discover this hidden gem and reap the rewards from it.

Deadly Verses
Can't Change Me

Album Notes
* The proper spelling of their alias is N.U.T.S.

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Mr Ike said...

Actually, it's their 4th release. "Down 4 Mine" was their 1st (1994)