Thursday, October 1, 2015

Deep South Syndicate - Journey With The Syndicate

DSS, which stands for Deep South Syndicate, is a group that represents from the wicked streets of Lafayette, LA. Although they would be reduced to a trio later on, the original lineup consists of D-Flat, E.L., Killa B, Scrappy, B-Loc, Shook and Scooty. Journey With The Syndicate is their debut album and it was released in 1996 on Double L Records. The production is marvelously handled by Anthony "Booney" Woods and Edward "Jaz" Woods. Together, they provide nothing but that southern funk which is presented in a dark atmosphere. The rhythms carry a brash and hard sound which fits the group perfectly. Instruments are all used proficiently and originality is pursued with a passion. While some tracks are a bit simple and plain, they still are not disqualified from being enjoyable. Lyrics is where the album truly excels. Each member brings a provocative and unique style to the table. Their rhymes are offered sharp and to the point. Word play is used very efficiently and while their delivery is mostly rapid, it does tend to slow down for some cuts. Featuring on the album is Bosco Pooh. Overall, it's an excellent debut effort from the collective and one that can hold its' own against any premier release. The core content is not only genuine but also very truthful in the message that it gives. Deep South Syndicate went on to release one more album in the year 1998 and eventually disbanded. In the end, this album dwells from the depths of the underground and it serves as another prime example of Louisiana's rich musical history.

Deadly Verses

Album Notes
* E.L. would later become a member of the Southside Pentagon.

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