Friday, October 16, 2015

Aggravated - Mexicans & Cappin'

Aggravated is a group that represents from the roguish streets of Houston, TX. The collective was formed by Filero and Balazo in the year 1994 in the small city of Freeport but it quickly spread to the neighboring city of Houston. While membership has varied throughout the years, the original members were Grimm, Balazo, Shadow, Filero and Lord Loco. Later on they added more members like Slinkey, Pranksta, Big Deuce and Troublemaker. The original members did not participate in this release except for Shadow, who is credited for producing one of the tracks. Mexicans & Cappin' is their fourth album and it was released in 2002 on Aggravated Records. The bulk of the production is handled by Big Deuce while Shadow chips in on one of the tracks. The beats are very generic to be quite frank. They are certainly lacking that dark, street vibe that Aggravated was most known for. The foundation of the rhythms seems to be very basic and any use of real instruments is definitely absent. There are only a handful of tracks that really stand out while the rest are largely mundane. This type of moderate production could only be blamed on the missing cast of members, who would initially help in producing and guiding their prior releases. Lyrics are mostly satisfying but again, they are lacking that charm and the vibe of the original group. Slinkey, Pranksta and Big Deuce are respectable on the microphone and their rhymes are delivered precisely. They can display their vocal artistry with ease and their lyrics carry more of a contemporary feel. Guest appearances are made by Sambo, O.Z., Lady G and Diva Nay. Overall a decent effort by the group that has an ample total of sixteen tracks. This is another one of those releases that became a victim of the sound change that occurred after the new millennium. Aggravated was always known for their harsh and edgy personas. Their style and flair is what really made them stand out among many artists from the city. But when that change came, it was either jump on the band wagon or get left behind. This rendition of Aggravated is the result of that very jump and it is now understandable why the original members did not want anything to do with this release. This album is also marked as the last album by the famed group.

Deadly Verses
Locs At Night

Album Notes
* Aggravated is also part of the South Park Coalition.

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