Friday, October 2, 2015

Southside Pentagon - Money Over Everything

Southside Pentagon is a collective that represents from the hard hitting streets of Houston, TX. The members are D-Gotti, E.L., Craig C, Lil Jay, W.B., Tito, Vandalizm, Trip, Black, Big Tiger and Ban. The group was started by D-Gotti of the Wreckshop and E.L. of Deep South Syndicate as a side project but it quickly evolved into something bigger. Their goal was just to reach the masses on the southside of town but with E.L.'s connections in Louisiana, it helped this release surpass their modest expectations. Money Over Everything is their debut album and it was released in 2001 on M.O.E. Inc. The bulk of the production is handled by the veteran, J Slash of .380 while Noke D, Trip and Mack chip in on some tracks. The beats are a quality blend of the new era sound and since this is a post 2000 release, that was somewhat expected. That being said, it still should not discourage the listener because overall the rhythms are quite unique and while some are sample assisted, the rest carry a genuine feel. Lyrically the album is respectable as well. E.L., D-Gotti and Craig C are the stand outs of course but the rest of the group is not too far behind. Their rhymes carry a good amount of word play and are also delivered with precision. Since this is a large collective, chemistry issues were bound to arise but the founding members made sure to keep those at bay and only made combinations on tracks that easily work. Now, no H-Town record is complete without a star studded guest list and this release is no exception to that rule. Guest appearances are made by Fat Pat, Lil' Keke, Lil' O, Mike D, E.S.G., Hawk, 3-2, Slim Thug, J Slash of .380, Chris Ward, Southside Playaz, Ronnie Spencer, Lady 14, Chad, June, Roxan and Peaches. This can be considered a little guest heavy but with eighteen solid tracks to boast, the features are quite spread out. All in all, a commendable release by the group and also one that appeals from all angles. Plus, with Texas & Louisiana connecting, it makes this release a bit more special and that much harder to deny.

Deadly Verses
Dead Man Walkin

Album Notes
* Rest in peace to Mr. Fat Pat and his brother, Big Hawk.
* Track 9: Chop'em is a pretty lethal diss towards Lil' Flip by E.S.G.
* Also the spine of the album states this release as a Volume One.

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