Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Chono - B-Mov-N A-Round

Chono is a rapper and producer who hails from the rough streets of Dallas, TX. He represents for the sub genre known as Chicano Rap. He is regarded as one of the early artists for that genre and is also credited for forming the Chicano movement in the Dallas & Ft. Worth area. B-Mov-N A-Round is his debut album and it was released in 1994 on his own label known as, Outta Da Blue Records. Production is solely done by Chono, himself and it is quite bland to say the least. The beats seem to have been cut & pasted together and the whole foundation sounds very dry. A good number of them are sample driven and no real instruments are used in the creating process either. Lyrically the album is mediocre at best. Chono's tone is very dull and could literally lull one to sleep. Word play is used but at a truly modest level. Rhymes are delivered at a fixed rate and they are certainly lacking energy as well as enthusiasm. The album finishes with a meager total of nine tracks which turns out to be a blessing in disguise. Although, Chono would have a very tough time competing against his counterparts in Houston, such as South Park Mexican, Grimm, Lifestyl and many others, this release should still be looked upon as a humble beginning for the artist. Now the record won't take home any awards but it still deserves a honorable mention due to the fact that Chono was one of the first Hispanic rappers to represent for Dallas.

Deadly Verses

Album Notes
* A big thanks goes out to the homie malick for providing this one.
* Chono would later change his alias to Chono Brown.
* He would then reappear in 2003 with the album, South Coast Ryda.

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