Saturday, September 26, 2015

Nuwine - Basshead

Maurice Williams, better known as Nuwine, is a rapper who hails from the infamous neighborhood of 5th Ward in Houston, TX. After living as a troubled youth and even coming very close to the brink of death, he decided it was time to change for the better. He turned to religion for answers and started anew as a Christian Rap artist. Armed with just a microphone and a drum machine which he purchased at a local pawn shop, he began experimenting on ways to reach and teach his peers. It wasn't long before he was picked up by Knolly "Rubadub" Williams, who immediately signed him to his newly founded, Grapetree Records. Nuwine debuted in 1997 with the album, "Da Bloody 5th," which still to this day, is regarded as one of his best works. His venture with Grapetree Records was short lived though, he would soon leave them over royalty issues and form his own label known as Wine-O Records. Basshead is an album full of instrumentals that Nuwine put together in 1998 on the aforementioned label. The production in it's entirety is done by Nuwine, himself. The beats are all electronically derived and are without the use of any real instruments. Their style along with their pace varies and a good range of selection is provided for the listener. While some are a little odd and seem to lack basic foundation, there are some that are really commendable. This record was basically put together for up and coming artists that face dilemmas when it comes to recording material. It was also considered as a gift for his loyal fans who just need some solid rhythms to bob their head to. All in all this project is just for experimental purposes and is not intended for any type of commercial use. While it strays away from the religious concepts that Nuwine is most known for, it does in fact gives him a broader audience. He was at a point in his career where every release seemed crucial for his fan base and not only was this a unique move, it was also a very bold step that he took for his immediate future. He did something special for his fans and that is what placed him above the rest of his fellow Christian Rap artists.

Deadly Tracks
13 - Untitled

Album Notes
Wine-O Records went defunct in the year 2003.
* Nuwine would then change his alias to Wine-O.
* The new alias would also mark the end of his Christian Rap career.
* He then tried establishing himself in the Rap & Hip Hop industry.

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