Sunday, September 6, 2015

Baby Boy G - Y.A.B.

Baby Boy G, also known as Lil G, is a rapper who hails from the streets of Austin, TX. He first started off in the late nineties as a member of the group known as, Black & Dangerous. Y.A.B., which stands for Young Austin Balla, is his debut solo album and it was released in 2002 on Filthy Rich Records. Production on this record is done by the masterful Jhiame, who is also assisted by Blu and 8 Track. The beats are of a congenial variety and are mostly uptempo. They are filled with a good amount of harmony but at times can feel like there is too much going on at a given section. The rhythms definitely cater to the new era of Texas funk which can be categorized under the "Swang & Bang" sound. Lyrically the album is pretty well rounded. Lil G's delivery is quite commendable and certainly fast paced. The rhymes are filled with rapid word play, which although at times can be a little predictable, it is still entertaining nonetheless. Guest appearances are courtesy of  Mr. Make It Happen, TNT, Kool-Whip, DFK, Israal, Mr. T, Lil Pick, Lead Belly, Killa Cartel, Deway, Lil Terry and The Black Galliath. The record can be deemed as a little guest heavy but with an ample total of fifteen tracks they are quite spread out. All in all it's a satisfying piece and one that at the very least, deserves a listen. While there are quite a few groups and rappers that represent for the ATX, no one can match the style or the flair of the Filthy Rich Family.

Deadly Verses

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