Friday, September 11, 2015

O.G. Jhiam-Dog - Screamin Dat Pimpin

James Earl Bradshaw, better known as Jhiame or O.G. Jhiam-Dog, is a multi-talented artist from the neighborhood of Acres Homes in Houston, TX. Although he is originally from Memphis, TN, he moved to Houston in the year 1981 and has resided there ever since. He is a renowned producer as well as an accomplished rapper and singer. He was dubbed by the legendary DJ Screw (R.I.P.) as the official producer of the Screwed Up Click in 1999. His list of production credits is quite lengthy and certainly very noteworthy. Jhiame has won many awards for his work and he is considered by many to be a hit making machine for the southern region. He is also a member of the Hip Hop production group known as Da Assassinz. Screamin Dat Pimpin is his second album and it was released in 1995 on B 4 Reel Records. Production is solely handled by Jhiame, himself and it is of exceptional quality. The beats can be simplified as absolutely funky and are also considerably groovy. Deep bass lines are fused with twangy guitars which are backed up by some booming drums. While samples are used, they have been chosen wisely and are used quite proficiently. Lyrically the album is also very rich with flavor. The vocals are presented with utter smoothness and are delivered with the flair of a pimp. His rhymes can vary in pace but the laid back atmosphere remains the same. Guest appearances are made by the Pimp-Tite Hustlers, Leon Banks and Dub Sack. Also, the front cover portrays a circle with twelve symbols dwelling inside it. That is actually known as a Zodiac Wheel and it reveals the twelve signs of Astrology. Overall the album displays various elements of Funk and Soul while also incorporating the genre of Rap & Hip Hop. This prolific blend of assorted ingredients turns out to be very entertaining and satisfying. Although this is a feat that is not easily accomplished and others have failed miserably trying the same thing, O.G. Jhiam-Dog does it with such ease and leisure that it almost feels like second nature to him. Even though this was a magnificent work of art, it did not receive the recognition it deserved. Some have blamed the publishing company for their lack of effort while others have blamed the core content. In the end, this release sits as a polished gem waiting to be discovered by the next humble and eager listener.

Deadly Verses

Album Notes
* His alias has multiple variations but his preferred name is Jhiame.
* References to the Zodiac Signs are made on Track 3: Pimp On
* Leon Banks is Jhiame's father and he passed away in 2005 (R.I.P.)
* Also worth checking out is Micheal Mixerr's take on this album.


QDawg said...

No problem Micheal, your review has some really good insight on the album.

Mixerr Reviews said...

Thanks for referring to me in your album review, Q Dawg! I had a great time review this Jhiame album back in 2013. I originally wanted to describe the tracks on the Jhiame album word for word. But I realized I would spoil the album. Spoiling a music album would be like spoiling a good book. (To me at least.)

Jhiame Bradshaw said...

This awesomely breathe taking to me I have nothing to sayou but WOWWW! THANK U VERY MUCH. And let's not forget the best rapper on here contributions "KAZILLA" thanks again.