Wednesday, September 23, 2015

BHC - Crime Pays

BHC, which stands for Big House Click, is a group that represents from the rough streets of San Antonio, TX. It consists of Mr. Lo, Tear Drop and the female rapper and singer known as Bo-Legg. Although she did not participate in this release due to family reasons and concerns. BHC's first album known as "Openin' Doors" was released in 1997 and it definitely caught the city by surprise. The content was so commendable that all the local radio stations as well as the local clubs were immediately hooked. Crime Pays is their highly anticipated second album and it was released in 1999 on Big House Productions. The production is done by the ever masterful Nathan "Happy" Perez who is assisted by L. Holmes. Together, they drop an assortment of finely crafted beats. Multiple instruments are put to use by Happy P which in turn brings his marvelous production pattern to life. Lyrically the album also excels and both members are qualified lyricists. Their sharp word play and southern dialect is a treat to listen to. Mr. Lo seems to be the more dominant member while Tear Drop appears for a couple of tracks. Guest appearances are courtesy of Lil' Keke, C-Loc, Jayne Doe, Daddy Roe, Kempster and Rocc Lewis. Overall this is an underrated release which managed to slip through the cracks. Even though it does not come close to their first album, "Openin' Doors," it is still passable in its' own right. While this type of  moderation could be justified by the missing member, Bo-Legg or even the untimely passing of Tear Drop. Whatever the case may be, the record is marked as the final recording by the famed group and is also one that possesses a remarkable value even to this day. Rest in peace to the talented and always creative, Tear Drop.

Deadly Verses
Ride 2 Nite ft. Lil' Keke

Album Notes
* Big thanks to my homie GangstaRapBrasil for providing this one.

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