Thursday, September 10, 2015

Mr. Hard - Cappeela

Mr. Hard is a rapper who represents from the venomous streets of Dallas, TX. He is well known in the underground for his raspy tone and vicious delivery. Cappeela is his debut album and it was released in 1997. The record label is unknown due to the fact that this is an underground release with a very limited number of pressings but it could have been published through Cappeela Records or Strapped 4 Life Records. Production is handled by Ice Kold, Drew and Bently. They team up to provide beats that are not only funky but they also carry a hard, street edged sound. While a couple of the rhythms are sample assisted, the rest of them have a very original feel. Probably the most notable sample is from the King Of Pop, Micheal Jackson's (R.I.P.) "Lady In My Life," which is heavily used on the track "Mama." Lyrically the album is also rock solid. As mentioned above, Mr. Hard can easily wreck the mic. His harsh approach and gruff demeanor go hand in hand and it is the perfect recipe for the rhymes on display. The word play used is definitely above average while the variations to his tone and tempo are all done with pure swiftness. Guest appearances are made by Ice Ice, T-Boz, Sinister, Cris, Shannon, Ice Kold, Natae V-IC and Bloody. Also, the sublime painting for the front cover was done by the artist, Herschel Yelder. This was an excellent effort by Mr. Hard and one that still sounds as glorious as it did back in '97. Not only is the quality of material timeless, it also carries a certain level of gratification when played. It could be the uncanny nature of this underground release or it could be the shroud of mystery that lingers behind its' originator. Whatever the reason may be, the fact remains that this eighteen year old album can shame and degrade most albums being released today.

Deadly Verses

Album Notes
* Herschel Yelder is a renowned artist in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
* Also worth checking out is Mr. Hard's second album, Strap 4 Life.

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I believe Strapped 4 Life Records contributed and co-produced this album: