Saturday, September 13, 2014

Mr. Hard - Strap 4 Life

Mr. Hard is a malicious rapper from the streets of Dallas, TX. He is known for his vile tone and rough delivery. Strap 4 Life is his sophomore album and it was released in 1998 on Strapped 4 Life Records. The wicked production is done by Ice Kold and Mr. Hard himself. The tracks have a distinct dark theme to them and that tone is presented throughout. The use of multiple instruments keep the beats fresh along with a minor dose of sampling that is quite commendable. Mr. Hard is certainly an audible lyricist. His tone is very raspy and his rough delivery is filled with explicit word play. The rhymes are equally roguish and they end up matching the beats perfectly. Features are made by Kottonmouth, B-Dawg, Misery, Big Solo-S, G-Related and Uptight of Da Buddha Klan. A good amount of core content is displayed over sixteen quality cuts. Although there is a large cloud of mystery hovering over the artist and the album, the tangible is still quite impressive. In the end, this record remains as a true relic and as a musical testament to the never ending abyss of the underground.

Deadly Verses

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