Friday, August 26, 2016

R.E.S Records - The RESurrection Compilation

R.E.S Records was a Christian Rap label from the unforgiving streets of Houston, TX. The label was started in the mid nineties by Richard Hunt and Otto Osterman. Their main objective was to give a home to the aspiring local Christian Rap emcees in Houston while also keeping them on the right track. The two founders quickly recruited BDI and Dez from the infamous group, Nuk Ruk. The two members from Nuk Ruk were considered to be the primary pieces and the main source of strength for the record label. It was through their help that the record label eventually got more artists on board such as, Tre-9, Snapz, 20/Twenty, Manifest, NSC, The Foundation and last but not least, the singer Jamecia Williams. Work on this compilation began as soon as the crew was assembled in the early part of 1999. It was completed in the year 2000 and released as a debut album by the R.E.S Records. Production is solely handled by the masterful, BDI and he does not disappoint. BDI's rhythmical pattern is quite unique. He fuses the traditional style of Hip-Hop with the flavorful Southern style. He does this with not only the use of a typical drum machine but also with the use of live instrumentation. Most notably through the work of various guitars and pianos. He also adds his distinct scratches with the turntables which ends up being the final key ingredient for his magnificent beats. Lyrically the album also excels. There is never a dull moment due to the various artists used to create the rhymes. Each artist brings an intellectual style to the table and claim their stake on the microphone with utter precision. Word play is presented with riddling rhyme schemes which makes the end result thoroughly captivating. BDI, Dez, Tre-9 and 20/Twenty are the standouts here but the rest of the acts are not too far behind. Guest appearances are made by Reverse, Queen D, MOG, DJ Excell, B-Boy and Kathy Abshire. All in all, this is an excellent compilation by the label and a must have for any Christian Rap fan. They could have easily talked about materialistic possessions, women, money and the like but they chose to go against the grain. It is always good to hear artists who are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in and go against the flow of the norm. The album gives off a truthful yet positive message and it can only be deciphered by listening to their powerful and thought provoking music.

Deadly Verses
Verbal Revolution

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