Thursday, August 18, 2016

Prime Time - Duck Tape'n

Michael Williams, better known as Prime Time, is a rapper from the savage swamps of New Orleans, LA. He first appeared on the scene with the notorious Bounce group known as, Partners-N-Crime. He was heavily featured on their earlier albums and was almost considered as an unofficial third member of the famed group. It was through their tutelage and guidance, that Prime Time was able to come out of their shadows and establish himself as a southern artist. Duck Tape'n is his debut solo album and it was released in 1998 on South Coast Music Group. Production is handled by the magnificent, Leroy "Precise" Edwards and he tries to bring his signature style to the table. The beats are mostly derived for the genre of Bounce with the exception of a few songs. Some of them are sample driven while the rest are about as original as can be. Although Precise's past resume is an excellent one and his work truly speaks for itself, he really just does not bring the same level of craftsmanship on this release. There are some tracks that are very good and then there are some that are dull and bland. The same can be said when it comes to the lyrical content. Prime Time crosses the fine line between average and great. He flirts with a bit of word play but tends to rely more on common rhyme schemes. His tone along with his pace are perfect for Bounce music and he takes full advantage of what is offered to him. The subject matter ventures into different categories but for the most part stays with typical Bounce subjects such as project rapping, roll calling, call & response, etc. Guest appearances are made by Partners-N-Crime, L.O.G., Tre-8, Drama Squad, Ms. Tee, Bayou Boy, G-Hunter, Ché and Mary Jane. Overall this was a decent album by the N.O. native and it help spawn a few local hits in The Boot. Although the record does often revert back to its' Bounce roots, it certainly does have a lot more to offer than just that. The album contains various elements as a whole and it's not just restricted to the genre of Bounce. In the end, that is what truly separates it from the rest and makes it that much more entertaining to listen to. Also to note, is the presence of Partners-N-Crime on the front cover with Kangol Slim on the left and Misdemeanor on the right. This was Prime Time's way of paying homage and showing love for the two people who always had a helping hand in his success as an artist.

Deadly Verses
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