Friday, August 12, 2016

Lil' O - Blood Money

Oreoluna Magnus Lawson, better known as Lil' O, is a rapper who hails from the southwest side of Houston, TX. His alias is a direct reference to his actual height, which is listed at five feet. He is also an original member of the legendary Screwed Up Click. Lil' O first appeared on the scene with the breakout single "Can't Stop," which featured Destiny's Child in 1997. The single was a instant hit on the streets of Houston and in return made him into an overnight celebrity. Blood Money is his highly anticipated debut album and it was released in 1999 on Game Face Entertainment. A gang of different producers were used to reach the end result. The likes of Crazy C, Chicken Hawk, Grizz, Double D, Swift and Willy Malone handle the bulk of the duties while Pimp C of UGK also chips in on one of the tracks. The beats can simply be described as that classic H-Town Sound. The rhythms are all funk laden and are very groovy to say the least. They are a true and classic representation of the older swang and bang sound which was very prominent with artists of the Screwed Up Click. The producers really do a solid job with the rhythms and the set up is perfect for the artist. Lil' O is an adept lyricist. He relies heavily on clever rhyme schemes and witty cliches. His pattern is not unique but it can still catch the listener by surprise. What really sets him apart is his southern tone, which upon hearing is very distinct and sharp. His pace is quite variable thus allowing him to adapt to any kind of song. Guest appearance are made by DJ Screw, UGK, Fat Pat, E.S.G., Big Pokey, C-Note, Will Lean, Yungstar, Hawk, Lil' Flip, 3-2, Al-D, Big Moe, Enjoli, Ronnie Spencer, Billy Cook, Bad Actaz, Slikk Breeze and Dana Jackson. A lengthy star studded guest list is customary for any Screwed Up Click release and while it may seem a bit heavy, it certainly does not over shadow the main artist. Overall this is a very stable piece with fifteen solid tracks to boast. The album was well worth the wait from the initial Maxi Single. It sold 20,000 copies upon release without any kind of promotion. The record could of done a lot better if it had proper promotion but that was not possible due to Lil' O serving time in the Harris County Jail. The album also beautifully withstands the test of time which is why it was re-released in 2006 with a bonus Chopped & Screwed disc. Lil' O is still active today, while his style of flow has altered a bit over time, his passion for music and loyalty to his crew remains unchanged.

Deadly Verses
Who's Snitching ft. UGK

Album Notes
* Lil' O is also a member of The Bar None Click.

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