Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Archie Lee - Da Mista Masta

Archie Tatmon, better known as Archie Lee, is rapper from the Northside of Houston, TX. He is also one of the original members of the infamous, Swishahouse. The Swishahouse is a collective which was founded by Micheal Watts in the mid nineties to counteract all the fame and success the Screwed Up Click was receiving. He recruited rappers from the Northside and started releasing mix tapes with Slowed & Chopped freestyles of his own crew. The tapes caught the city like a wild fire, especially on the northern end. Some liked and even appreciated what Watts was doing, while others discredit his approach due to the fact that DJ Screw and his comrades were the originators of the Chopped & Screwed mix tapes. Although the latter is true and non debatable, it was after DJ Screw's unfortunate passing in 2000, when the Chopped & Screwed or Slowed & Chopped really caught on to the rest of the world. It was Micheal Watts along with O.G. Ron C, who led the charge and re-introduced the rest of the nation to this unorthodox technique. Da Mista Masta by Archie Lee is the very first solo debut of a Swishahouse artist and it was released in 2000 on Swishahouse Records and SwishaBlast Entertainment. The production is manged by Micheal Watts, G-Dash, Bigg Tyme, Micheal Wilder, Jesse Brown and Cedric Page. The beats are not ground breaking but they are passable. Although they contain various elements and have a solid foundation, they still seem very simple and sometimes even mundane. The rhythms mostly cater to the new style of Swang & Bang, which is understandable since this is a release from the new millennium. Lyrical content of the album is also tolerable. Archie Lee won't break any barriers lyrically and certainly won't set any new standards for the Southern region. His flow style is quite common and does not do anything for the listener. Also, his tone and pitch jumps around quite a bit which in turn makes him go off beat a lot. Now, that may be by design and not by some kind of internal flaw. Nevertheless, he still attacks the microphone with passion and flair. Guest appearances are made by Slim Thug, Chamillionaire, Paul Wall, Lester Roy, Big Tiger, J-Dawg, Lil' Mario, Big Pic, A.D., Sabwarfare, Lil' Ron, Blyndcyde, Bongo, Nancy Taylor and Reginald Hackett. A lengthy guest list is certainly what the main artist needed to give the record an extra boost. All in all, this is a decent effort by the Houston native and it helped the label get going in the right direction. It was after this release, when management realized what components were working and what was not. They started to cater more towards the newer generation of Southern Rap and really propelled themselves into the mainstreams. In the end, this record is a humble beginning which stands as a testament of their hard work and dedication to their art.

Deadly Verses
Can I Shine ft. Lil' Ron & Slim Thug

Album Notes
* Lester Roy designed the logo for Swishahouse Records.
* Slowed & Chopped albums by the Swishahouse have an alternative blue cover.

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Krisch said...

Isn't there another rapper by the name of Archie Lee from the Southside who was a member of Herschelwood Hardheadz alongside Lil Keke?