Monday, August 3, 2015

Lock Down Inmates - Out On Parole

Lock Down Inmates is a vicious collective from the notorious streets of Dallas, TX. The group's original lineup consisted of Oak Cliff Assassin (O.C.A.), Hollow Point, Grim Reeper, Mossburg, D-Divine, Tru-Black, Cold Black Poet (C.B.P.) and last but not least, 4 Your Eyes Only. Although membership would vary throughout the years the group was active, members like Oak Cliff Assassin, Hollow Point and Mossburg would always remain present. The group began in the early nineties when O.C.A. and Henry Peeples collected some of the best rappers in south Dallas and eventually created the Lock Down Inmates. Out On Parole is their hardcore debut album and it was released in 1993 on VIP Records. The production is done by DJ Dark Fader, Skull Minista, Jim Vincent, Patrick Nun and Oak Cliff Assassin. The beats are all electronically derived and the classic drum machine is put to good use. Hard hitting drums combined with some eccentric samples is pretty much the recipe used throughout the record. The tracks carry a very hard and street edge vibe that fits the group like a glove. Lyrically the album is also on par with the production. Members eagerly jump on the microphone and claim it with ease. Their dope tales and rough ballads make for an indestructible force that can withstand the harshest of blows. Each one of them attacking and coming with such passion that it becomes impossible for the listener to ignore their message. The album closes out with a total of eleven tracks plus one bonus cut. Now at the time of this release the genre known as "Gangster Rap" was truly on the rise. Not only did the folks at Lock Down Productions and VIP Records capitalize on such an occasion but they also managed to get some notoriety for their city and themselves. It wasn't easy though, they knew they would have to go up against their in-state rivals from the city of Houston and compete against acts like the Geto Boys or even Street Military. In the end their hard work paid off and this humble beginning marked for a long and successful career path for the group that to this day, has a large following throughout the southern United States.

Deadly Verses


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