Monday, August 24, 2015

Aaron J - Gulf Coast Players

Aaron Johnson, known simply as Aaron J, is a rapper and singer from the northside of Houston, TX. He founded Gulf Coast Records in the mid nineties with the help of his long time friend, Marvin Cooper alias Voo-Doo. Together, they recruited D-Dub, Cee Note and Monna-Lis, the female emcee/singer and formed what is known as The Gulf Coast Click. Now with the group established it was time to hit the recording studios. Gulf Coast Players is their debut album which was released in 1997 on Gulf Coast Records and published through World Wide Entertainment. Production on this masterpiece is done by Pat Rodriguez, Stuart "Poopie" Henderson, Kelvin Allen, Lavia Flood and Aaron J himself. The producers create a very smooth and laid back atmosphere with the beats. This southern fried production is of top notch quality and is really a treat to the ear drums. Funky guitar licks, soothing bass lines, menacing drums and some groovy keyboarding are just a few examples of what is delivered as a total package. Lyrically the album is also quite impressive. Aaron J and his crew are no slouch on the microphone. They take turns displaying their verbal artistry and make good use of the tracks provided. A good dose of R&B style singing is presented with a mixture of Southern Rap which truly gives the listener an eclectic view of the whole record. Overall Aaron J and his crew put together an excellent effort, one that is definitely worth noting. Since this happens to be their only release, it has long been out of print and is very sought after by fans.

Deadly Verses


TruSyde said...

Thanks a lot 4 real!! As you wrote this is a masterpiece, thanks 4 sharing.

Anonymous said...

Aaron j. Is my best friend. He still has the voice and the looks. He is truly wonderful and still hard at work helping other rappers and actors/actresses. I'm sure I can speak for him and say thanks to all his fans I'm sure he would appreciate all the support and good comments.