Friday, July 31, 2015

Hogg & Priest - 5004

Hogg & Priest is a duo from the notorious neighborhood of Mooretown in Shreveport, LA. The rappers met each other in 1995 while studying Music & Arts at Grambling State University in Louisiana. 5004 is their debut album and it was released in 2000 on Playa Made Records. The album's silky smooth and utterly funky production is provided by Tommy Granville Jr. He laces the beats with what is known in this region as that southern fried gumbo funk. Each cut is defined with multiple layers of different instruments and originality is pursued with a passion. The tracks are quite fluid and laid back which in turn makes for a very enjoyable experience. Also the scratching and mixing is provided by DJ Deluxx. Both Hogg and Priest are excellent on the microphone. Their chemistry is unmatched together and they seem to support each other well. The utmost attention is given to word play as well as the actual delivery while their southern dialect is both unique and entertaining. Guest appearances are courtesy of Big T, Big Baby, Carlos Luv, Dre and Ralphiell Walker. Also the wonderful artwork for the front and back cover is done by Chill "Will" Lindsey, who is the younger brother of Hogg. The record boasts an ample amount of seventeen tracks but still keeps one hungry for more. That is the true and uncanny nature of this underground masterpiece. Quality rhymes paired with quality rhythms, what more could a listener ask for.

Deadly Verses

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