Monday, August 31, 2015

Bumbino - The Story Of A Young Socrates

Bumbino also known as Mr. Bumbino, is a rapper from the notorious neighborhood of Kashmere Gardens in Houston, TX. He started rapping at an early age, beat boxing and freestyling through the local schools and parks. He soon created a name for himself and also earned a substantial amount of reputation by his peers. He eventually came across the eyes and ears of Timothy Lloyd, who was in midst of putting together his new record label with his partner Gary "G-Money" Hamilton. The two agreed that Bumbino was a special talent and needed to be quickly signed to their up and coming label. The Story Of A Young Socrates is his debut album and it was released in 1999 on A.C.T. Right Records. Production was handled by Harvey Luv, E-Rock, Dre, Mark, Slack and Eric. The beats come across as very clean and crisp. Although they do tend to carry an uptempo feel and a contemporary sound, their southern flavor is still quite eminent. Lyrically, the album is at an above average level. Bumbino's delivery and word play is pretty good but it can get a little repetitive. It seems as if he is only good for one verse in a song and if allowed anymore, then the level of energy and intensity fades. Now there are some tracks that really shine but that can be mostly credited towards the all star lineup of featuring guests. The guest appearances are courtesy of 3-2, South Park Mexican, R.W.O., Big T, E-Rock of the 5th Ward Boyz, Trey Dogg, Neutral Troopz, Handyman and Lynn & Da Congregation. The record closes out with a total of twelve tracks including the intro and outro. All in all it is a decent effort by the Houston native even with the minor lyrical shortcomings. Keep in mind that Bumbino was only seventeen at the time of this recording and still enrolled in his third year at Kashmere High School. For him to release this debut album at such a young age and have the backing of some of H-Town's finest says a lot. Also, the Janus Masks in the background of the album cover happens to be the logo for A.C.T. Right Records and the acronym A.C.T. is actually the names of the daughters of Timothy Lloyd, Alexis, Ciara and Tiara.

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