Friday, August 14, 2015

Too Much Trouble - Bringing Hell On Earth

Too Much Trouble is a group that represents from the notorious streets of 5th Ward in Houston, TX. Billed as "The Baby Geto Boys," the group was quickly put together by James Smith to pretty much cash in on all the success and attention the original Geto Boys were receiving. Their style, demeanor and personalities were almost a mirror image of the Geto Boys. The group consists of Ghetto MC, also known as the Band Aid Bandit, Drunk D, who is also known as Nickel Nut, Bar-None and DJ Bad News Black. Bringing Hell On Earth is their debut album and it was released in 1992 on Rap-A-Lot Records. The production is provided by Big Boss, John Bido, Crazy C, DJ Bad News Black and Johnny C. Only excellence can be expected with the names mentioned above and that is exactly what is delivered. Although the beats are quite sample heavy and are all electronically derived, they are still a treat to listen to. Lyrically, the album has it's moments. The members are passable on the microphone and aren't the least bit shy either. Their aggressive rhymes are blunt and straight to the point. Word play is kept to a minimum but when it is used, it is very vile and rough. Features are courtesy of the Geto Boys, Big Mello and DJ Ready Red. Overall the record has its fair shares of ups and downs. There are times when the chemistry of the members and their provocative styles fit perfectly and then there are times where it all seems very dull and redundant. In the end, Too Much Trouble could not hold a candle to what the Geto Boys were accomplishing, neither lyrically nor musically. Which is why "The Baby Geto Boys" moniker was soon dropped all together and the group struggled to find their identity. It also didn't help their cause when some members lost focus while others got a little complacent after this initial release. Reduced to just two members later on, Drunk D and Ghetto MC dropped two more albums as Too Much Trouble and soon parted ways as well. On June 14, 2013, Ghetto MC passed away with kidney failure. Rest in peace to the unforgiving and always relentless, Band Aid Bandit.

Deadly Verses

Deadly Video

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