Sunday, July 12, 2015

Kris Kross - Young, Rich & Dangerous

Kris Kross is a rap duo that hails from the acclaimed streets of Atlanta, GA. It consists of Chris "Daddy Mac" Smith and Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly. The names can get a bit confusing but that is by intention and design which in turn honors their combined alias. They are best known for their hit single "Jump" which is off their debut album "Totally Krossed Out" and also for their unique fashion sense which consisted of wearing their entire clothing outfit, backwards. They two were discovered at a local shopping mall in Atlanta by Jermaine Dupri when they were just thirteen years old and he immediately sensed the raw talent at hand. Young, Rich & Dangerous is their third album and it was released in 1996 on Ruffhouse Records. The production is done through the quintessential Jermaine Dupri and is certainly of top quality. The tracks are laced with his signature up beat pattern and are quite melodic. That distinct southern vibe is definitely present and the process of sampling is also put to good use. Lyrically the album falls a tad bit shy, especially when compared to the duo's last two outings. Although both are very capable and talented lyricists, there are times when the intensity just isn't there. Now granted this is when the duo was really trying to find their voice as well as their direction in the rap industry. Their last two albums were branded and marketed for the younger crowd while this one is aimed towards the older, street savvy generation. Guest appearances are made by Da Brat, Aaliyah, Big Rube, Mr. Black, Jermaine Dupri and Trey Lorenz. This record is split into two halves with six tracks belonging to each side. The Smith Side seems to be orientated for the streets while The Kelly Side is a bit more smooth and laid back. Overall the whole album is decently put together and while there maybe some low points, it still manages to finish on a high. It also help spawn one of the most notorious freestyles in southern rap history, the infamous "June 27" by the legendary DJ Screw who uses the instrumental of the track "Da Streets Ain't Right." On May 1st, 2013, Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly was found unresponsive in his home and was later pronounced dead. A toxicology report was released by the Atlanta Medical Center which stated that he had died from a drug overdose. He was only thirty four years old. Rest in peace to the innovative and the ever ingenious Chris Kelly.

Deadly Verses

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