Thursday, July 2, 2015

K Squad - Realmz Of Da Bushez

K Squad is a group that hails from Fort Lauderdale, FL. The three members represent out of the Broward County in Florida and they are known as Scarab One, Clembone and Kilo. As a trio they serve up music for the sub genre called, Ragga Hip Hop. It is basically a fused blend of Reggae and Hip Hop music which originated in Jamaica but quickly spread to the Virgin Islands and the coastal regions of Florida. Realmz Of Da Bushez is their debut album and it was released in 1994 on Atlantic Records. The production is handled by Hugo "Boss" Diaz and he is assisted by his older brother, Luis Diaz who provides all the mixing. It is suffice to say that the production exceeds all expectation. It takes the two genres listed above and seamlessly provides a strong backbone for the record. The hard hitting drums are meshed with some scintillating synths and the two are supplied as the primary production pattern. The Squad wastes no time and quickly attack the tracks laid out for them. Each member brings a unique style to the microphone and never shy away from it. Their demeanor and personalities tend to feed off of each other while their rhymes are equally wicked and rough. The lyrics are delivered with precision and attention is also given to explicit word play. This artistry is displayed over a total of fourteen tracks and certainly leaves the listener craving for more. Although the record was generally dismissed for it's roguish nature, it still is quite clear to see the creativity that is displayed. All in all it's an excellent effort by the trio, especially considering the time period of the album. Being released in the year 1994 and presenting such content that is not conventional and or approved by mainstream personal definitely requires heart and a different mindset. Going above and beyond the traditional or ordinary style is always a feat in it's own.

Deadly Verses

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