Saturday, May 16, 2009

T-Boy - City Of Lights

T-Boy - City Of Lights
T-Boy is a rapper from the northside of Houston, TX. He is also affiliated with the Infamous Playa Family. This is his debut album and it was released in 2000 on Game Tite Records. The entire production is done by Mario Ayala. He gave the record an innovative feel and the sound can ultimately be described as some solid southern funk. The beats are a derived through multiple instruments and they certainly fit T-Boy's style of flow. The lyrics are filled with word play and they carry delectable rhyme schemes as well. He also conveys them at a sensible rate of speed. Guest appearances are made by Lil' Byrd and Bernstein of the Infamous Playa Family. The album is a bit on the short side with only eleven tracks but they are all top notch. Although the record contains commendable quality material, somehow it still went unnoticed.

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Nomad said...

Actually, I know, why it went unnoticed - it was hella weak. Maybe innovative, but I couldn't listen to that shit to the end.