Thursday, May 28, 2009

C-Lo - 817 Most Wanted

C-Lo is a rapper from Fort Worth, TX. He is also affiliated with the legendary P.K.O. and the Youngsta Mafia Family. 817 Most Wanted was released in 1993 on Youngsta Records. Production is handled by Magic Mark of P.K.O., Mike E.D., DJ AK, K-Mac and A.J. The beats can simply be described as that old school southern funk. They contain nothing but hard drums fused with whinny synths that are tranquilly laced over some steady samples. The lyrics also carry the same vibe. C-Lo has that aggressive ability to catch a beat. He delivers the rough rhymes at a solid rate and definitely keeps them roguish. Features are made by P.K.O. and Candi. The album falls in at a mere eleven tracks but they are all sovereign. Although the record contains genuine content, it was generally neglected and dismissed due to its heavy nature.

Deadly Verses
Straight Up


Anonymous said...

I loved this album back in 1994. Took me a long time to track down an original version though. Finally found one in 2005.
What's the story behind the album cover?

QDawg said...

Yea that cover is very powerful and intriguing but sorry my friend, I don't know the story behind it.