Thursday, May 21, 2009

DMG - Chek

DMG - Chek
DMG is a very prolific rapper originally from St. Paul, MN but he has also resided in Houston, TX. He began rapping locally in 1984 around the St. Paul and Minneapolis area. In 1988 he formed a group with DJ Tek and Young Grimmy known as The Deep. The trio did not quite work out and DMG ended up signing a solo deal with Rap-A-Lot Records. He was also a member in the group Facemob and the world renowned, Geto Boys. DMG debuted in 1993 with the cold blooded record called "Rigormortiz." After a ten year solo haitus, he returned in 2003 with another solid effort known as "Black Roulette." Chek, is basically the album before the album. Its a mix tape that serves as a prequel to his highly anticipated upcoming album which is appropriately named, "Checkmate." Chek was released in 2007 on his own label entitled, Rogizh Muzik. Production is provided by Mr. Walton and it seems to be mildly generic. Although several cuts are banging and some even stand out. A few of the beats are original, while the rest of them are borrowed from other artists. DMG returns with a vengeance on the mic. He jarringly rips through the tracks with his rough tone and roguish persona. His delivery hasn't changed much, it is still as raw and profound as it was back then. Guest appearances on the mix tape are made by C-Bo, Yukmouth, Lil' Flip, T-Rex, Young Grimmy and Cold Heart. The album also contains the next installment to the original "You Don't Hear Me Doe." Overall the record holds a lengthy collection of prime tracks. Also the letters DMG stand for Detrimental Ganxta.

Deadly Verses

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