Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Klondike Kat - Mobbin' Muzik Melodies

Klondike Kat - Mobbin' Muzik Melodies
Klondike Kat is a multi talented artist from the neighborhood of South Park in Houston, TX. He's a genuine lyricist, a marvelous producer and an excellent singer. He has been in the business for over twenty years and is very well respected. He also holds membership in the legendary South Park Coalition as well as the infamous Killa Klan. He debuted in 1993 with the album, "The Lyrical Lion." Mobbin' Muzik Melodies is his sophomore effort and it was released in 1997 on Beatbox Records. Production on the album is managed by Icey Hott of Street Military, Mo' Dangerous, Stro, Richard Johnson and Klondike Kat. The beats are assembled with twangy guitars, an ample amount of bass and forceful synths. The array of tracks are soundly mixed and they carry the album especially well. Kat can deliver his rhymes with an approximate sense of ease. His style is unique and his verses flourish with broad subjects. He possesses a vivid vocabulary and leisurely displays it on every ballad. Along with that, he boldly sings most of the hooks and choruses. Guest appearances are made by members of the Killa Klan and the South Park Coalition. That include the likes of Pharoah, Icey Hott, Lil' Flea, Burton Boyz, Fakkulty, K-Rino, Dope-E, Point Blank, Ganksta NIP, Ice Lord, PSK-13, A.C. Chill, Blunt, Jam, Big 20 and Felony. The album also contains two notorious cuts that have ever graced a record. One of them is an eight minute long anthem of the superior Killa Klan known as, "Loc'ed Out Drop Top." The other is a nine minute long S.P.C. tribute, which happens to be the next installment to the original "Murder Script." All in all the record can simply be justified as a melodic classic. Klondike Kat showcases his capability as a pure artist and he certainly provides the underground with a complete masterpiece.

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Any chance of geting this great album uploaded again ?