Monday, February 9, 2009

Boonie Locc - Dahellwitcha

Boonie Locc - Dahellwitcha
Boonie Locc is a rapper originally from Beaumont, TX. He later moved to Port Arthur, TX and became a member of the Inner Soul Clique. This is his debut album and it was released in 2000 on Inner Soul Records. Production on Dahellwitcha is done by J-Will, DJ DMD and Rico Lee. They execute nothing but hard hitting southern beats with tons of melodic precision. Tracks are laced with dope samples, deep bass lines and funky instruments. Boonie comes hard with his solid flow. His raw lyrics are filled with word play and he manages to infectiously deliver them. Featuring artists are members of the Inner Soul family which include the likes of DJ DMD, Bull, Lee Masta, Superb Herb, Momo, Suga Bear, QB and Big Smokin' Mitch. This album also contains part 2 of the infamous "Boonie Locc Off The Dome" freestyle. Besides DJ DMD, Boonie Locc is the only other artist to release an album on the Inner Soul label. Although the contents of this record are undeniably excellent, it could not gain much attention and happens to be very slept on.

Deadly Verses

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