Monday, February 16, 2009

The 144 Elite - Agreeables +Vs- Disagreeables

The 144 Elite is a group that represents from the southside of Houston, TX and is comprised with members of the South Park Coalition. The group is led by the legendary K-Rino and consists of Dope-E, Justice Allah, MJ and the female emcee/singer, Mayadia. This is their debut album and it was released in 2007 on Black Book International. Production is effectively done by Dope-E and he sticks to his South Park roots. He is assisted by DJ Kong, G. Sharp and Ditch Music. Together, they provide nothing but solid tracks, back to back. The beats are mostly composed of simple synths and also show signs of light sampling. The lyrics are an eclectic mix of street rhymes and conscious flows. A good balance of higher level thinking is presented through out the record. Featuring artists are Klondike Kat, Kuwait, Soul Provider, Ranus, DirtChile and Mr. Mon. Although the album is a perfect blend of musical flavor and the group easily defies categorization, it could not garner much attention. Also the name of the group is derived from the Bible Revelations 14:3.

Deadly Verses
1-9 Iron Rods ft. Klondike Kat & DirtChile

Deadly Video

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South Park Coalition said...

Yeah, that group is real hot. Justice got this new album out, SUPREME's ganksta cuz it's TRUTH.

Maya sings all over this album....I got it, it's great.