Tuesday, February 24, 2009

C4 - Amerikan Terrorist

C4 - Amerikan Terrorist
C4 is a rapper straight out of Missouri City, TX. He has been in the business for many years and he came up with the likes of the Fakkulty, Street Military and Z-Ro to just name a few. He is known for his excellent timing and remarkable delivery. He debuted in 2005 with the album "Evolution Of The Live Wire." This is his third album and it was released in 2008 on The Bomb Fakktory. Production is split between Verno, Dope-E of the Terrorists and Icey Hott of Street Military. The end result is an assortment of fabulously arranged yet strictly southern tracks. The catchy beats carry multiple instruments and they definitely become a sensation to listen to. His lyrics are a broad showcase of raw and gritty rhymes and he delivers them immaculately at a sensible speed. Features on the album are courtesy of K-Rino, Lil' V of the Fakkulty, Icey Hott of Street Military, B-1, Freestyle Dre, Mac, Soulja, Drank, Anthony Kizzee, K1, Meta Knight and Fatman. C4's work has been influenced by many artists from Houston and this record certainly proves that. Along with that, he keeps the main content rough and rugged. Overall its a very powerful and compelling record which sets the example bar high and brings a much welcomed change in the watered down rap industry of today.

Deadly Verses
The Greatest ft. Icey Hott

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