Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lil' 3rd - King Of Cloverland

Lil' 3rd - King Of Cloverland
Lil' 3rd is a rapper from Houston, TX. He represents from the notorious neighborhood of Cloverland, located on the southside of town. He was a member of the Botany Boys as well as the original Screwed Up Click. This is his second solo record and it was released in 2004 on Off Da Chain Entertainment. Production is handled by Hardhead Shawn. He puts the keyboard to good use and quickly laces the album with tight beats. Some of them are borrowed from other artists but most of them are original. 3rd has always been a stand out lyricist. Ever since his early days with the Botany B.G.'z, he has been coming hard with his flow. His rhymes are very versatile which in turn gives him the ability to easily check the mic. Featuring artists are Head of the Botany Boys, Trae, Jo Jo, Black Boy, Heard, Jimmy D, T.I. and the Pimp Squad Clique (P.S.C.). Overall its a very solid release and one that somehow went unnoticed. The record also contains various disses towards fellow Cloverland rapper, Lil' Flip. The feud between the two rappers started when Lil' Flip entitled his album "The Leprechaun." At the time of Flip's album release, Lil' 3rd was incarcerated. References have been made by 3rd in his prior recordings, proposing to be the leprechaun. The feud still exists today and Lil' 3rd claims to be the original leprechaun. He has also recently acquired a new alias as Young 3rd.

Deadly Verses
Keep Talking ft. T.I.

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ThaIgk said...

Thanks a lot for hooking up with this album, I liked it a lot as well as Lil' 3rd's flow...