Sunday, November 6, 2016

K-Otix - Spontaneity

K-Otix is a trio that represents from the forbidden streets of Houston, TX. It consists of Damien, Mic and The ARE. The group is most known for showcasing their traditional style of Hip Hop while still maintaining a Southern demeanor. K-Otix was formed in the early part of 1992 and while the group's main alias has remained unchanged, it was their individual names that varied. Damien was known as Dookie Luv, Mic was known as Mic The Madman and The ARE was known as Roc Smuv. It wasn't until 1996 when they decided to drop their former monikers and started work on their debut. Their original plan was to work with another group out of Houston which went by the name of Example. Now as far as styles are concerned, Example and K-Otix were on the same page. They both swayed away from the typical style of Southern Rap and really molded themselves after their East Coast colleagues. The two groups planned to release a double EP with Side 1 belonging to K-Otix and Side 2 belonging to Example. Things did not go as planned and the idea of the double EP was shelved altogether. Both parties took their rightful material and released their own projects separately. Example released the highly covetable EP called, "Impulses" and K-Otix countered with Spontaneity, which is certainly of equal caliber. Spontaneity is their debut album and it was released in 1997 on K-Otix Entertainment. The album is produced by the group's masterful in house producer, Russell "The ARE" Gonzales. The ARE, who is a protege of the legendary DJ Premier, really models his style after the great Gang Starr DJ. It was under Premier's tutelage where ARE truly learned the fundamentals of proper production. The beats are sample driven for the most part. They contain various elements of Hip Hop and are a treat to listen to. ARE's recipe of construction is a simple one. He samples a dope hook, punches in the bass and finishes it off with a cadence of drums. This theme then serves as a backbone for the group's identity. Lyrically the record is also very strong. Damien and Mic are no slouch on the microphone. They tend to display a lot of word play as well as an extensive and imaginative vocabulary. Their rhymes are fiery, vivid and intellectual. They immediately take the listener hostage from the very first track. Also worth noting is the chemistry the two artists have with each other. The EP closes out at a modest total of eight bonafide tracks leaving the listener craving for more. Overall, this was a solid effort by the group and one that was well worth the wait. Aside from a handful of acts, most groups out of the city of Houston are somewhat one dimensional and tend to jock each other for style or publicity. It takes a whole different mindset and not to mention the courage, to go against the norm in the South. K-Otix unorthodox approach is what separates them from the rest. Spontaneity garnered a good bit of success and eventually led the group to sign a major distribution deal with the New York based label known as, Bronx Science. Even with the success of a few singles on the radio and the aforementioned publishing deal, K-Otix never really broke into the mainstreams. Then again, maybe that was something they weren't too concerned about. It seems as if they were quite content in the underground, challenging other artists for the subterranean throne. In the end, their vast career spans over two decades and their catalog of timeless material certainly speaks for itself.

Deadly Verses
7 MCs

Album Notes
* This EP is color coded into three variations.
* First Pressing: Yellow - Second Pressing: Red - Third Pressing: Blue
* The ARE left the group in 2004 before rejoining them in 2015.
* K-Otix is also a member of the super group, Ethos.

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