Friday, May 20, 2016

Example - Impulses

Example is a duo that represents from the notorious streets of Houston, TX. It consists of Dekay and DJ Cipher. The group is known for their thought provoking rhymes that are blended with equally provocative rhythms. The two members initially met as roommates and decided to form the group in the summer of 1996. Their original plan was to work with their fellow Houstonian rap crew known as K-Otix and to release a double sided EP. One side would consist of songs by Example while the other side would have tracks by K-Otix. The EP would serve as a debut for both groups and would eventually become a stepping stone for the parties involved. Things did not go as planned and the idea of the double EP was dropped altogether with both groups releasing their debut EP's separately. K-Otix released the now sought after EP called, "Spontaneity," while Example put out Impulses. Impulses is their debut and it was released in 1997 on Beat Farm Recordings. The record was later picked up by Dope Folks Records and re-released in 2013 due to its highly desired and very limited nature. The production is split between DJ Cipher and Dekay while DJ Baby C is credited for the scratching. The beats can simply be described as pure Hip-Hop. They are a representation of the classic style which involves heavy sampling for the foundation of the beat, along with the skillful use of the turntables. The rhythms tend to be very colorful and are a perfect blend of southern funk fused with the traditional style mentioned above. This melodic fusion sends out an atmospheric setting which is quite mellow and relaxed. Lyrically the record is also very impressive. Dekay's clever rhymes incorporate a strong use of word play and are delivered sharply. His verbal artistry is deep with meaning and can certainly catch the listener by surprise. The subject matter is also unique and refreshing due to the fact that it strays away from the local H-Town sound. Not to worry though because the record still caters to its southern roots and shows a side of southern rap that has become a commodity in that region. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word "Impulse" as a wave of excitation transmitted through tissues and especially nerve fibers and muscles that results in physiological activity or inhibition. That is exactly what this record does when played in full. Each track sucks the listener in to a different realm created by the authors of this work of art. A trance like state is induced but one is still aware of the edginess of the material because of its realistic composure. One can also see this result on the front cover art which is beautifully presented through the work of crayons. It is truly hard to believe that this piece was conjured up in 1997. The group's vision and their motives were certainly ahead of their time. Example went on to release a few more singles as well as a full length album before disbanding. The two are still around today but they dwell in the depths of the underground. Those who are searching for real music will always know where and how to find them.

Deadly Verses

Album Notes
* Dekay would later change his alias to just Kay.
* Kay would become a member of the group called, The Foundation.
* DJ Cipher would become a member of The Kracker Nuttz.

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