Sunday, November 13, 2016

John Got'ti - Cut Throat

John Got'ti is a rapper who represents from the murky swamps of New Orleans, LA. Cut Throat is his debut album and it was released in 2001 on Big Pocket Records with Orpheus Music overlooking the whole project. The album is largely produced by Mr. Sinista while Kriz Kang lends him a hand on a few tracks. The rhythms can be summed up as that renewed New Orleans sound that really became prominent after the new millennium. They contain various elements are mostly uptempo in nature.  The beats are not groundbreaking but are still passable in the end. Now, one could easily assume a darker theme will be presented due to the record's title but that is certainly not the case. Lyrically, Got'ti can hold his own on the microphone. The rhymes are conventional and driven straight to the point. His tone is a bit typical but the rate of speed is somewhat rapid. He also tries to incorporate different styles into his delivery, most notably from the genre of Bounce Music. The end result is again nothing revolutionary but still acceptable. Guest appearances are made by Sassy C, D. Mike, Superstar and Mr. Sinista. The album finishes off with a total of fourteen tracks and while there are a few fillers, the rest remain solid. Overall, a decent effort by the N.O. native and one that is adequate enough to be given a listen. The album has it's moments and when it tends to go downhill, the artist quickly counters it. That's a good sign, it shows awareness and a positive intent from his part. Sadly, the subject matter is just not broad enough to reach a wider audience and that is the only real knock against this otherwise respectable release.

Deadly Verses
Rest In Peace

Deadly Video

"Cut Throat"  artist John Gotti from Randy Rome Walsh on Vimeo.

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