Friday, November 11, 2016

T-Pop Da I-10 Juggla - Makin' Moves

Joshua Thibodeaux, better known as T-Pop, is a rapper from the infamous city of Lafayette in Louisiana. He has also held residence in the notorious southside of Houston, TX. His nickname, "Da I-10 Juggla," is derived from the two cities connecting to each other through the renowned highway system known as, Interstate 10. Makin' Moves is his debut album and it was released in 2001 on Laf-Tex South Records, a sub-label under the parent, Laftex Records. Production on this piece is mainly handled by the magnificent, DJ Dolby D while Mr. Phat and T-Pop also chip in on a few cuts. The beats are strictly southern in demeanor and since Dolby D blesses the tracks with his brilliant creativity, the rhythms become that much more entertaining. Although they carry an upbeat pattern and are quite contemporary in composure, they are still very appealing to the ears. Lyrically, T-Pop is exceptional on the microphone. His laid back tone and raw southern dialect go hand in hand. His rhymes are delivered at a good pace and are dripping with fluent word play. While his level of energy and enthusiasm never drops, there are times when he becomes just a little repetitive. Not to worry though, an excellent star studded guest list is there to back him up when times tend to get bad. Featuring on the record is, Trae, Botany Boys, 3-2, I.B.G., Lil' Flex, Den Den, Mike D, Big Pokey, Wood, Deadend B.G.'s, D-Gotti, C-Nile, Big Tantrum, Black, Young Mafios, Pedoro, Toemas, Dwayne Parker and Bryson Bernard. All in all this is a very solid release, especially when considering the fact that it is a debut album. Not only did Da I-10 Juggla present himself with validity and clarity, he also managed to assert himself onto the Southern Rap scene. In the end, this work of art remains as a hidden gem and has the tendency to shine from each and every angle.

Deadly Verses
Ain't No Stopping ft. Black, C-Nile, Deadend B.G.'s, Pedoro & Big Tantrum

Album Notes
* T-Pop is also affiliated with the legendary Screwed Up Click.

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