Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tha Murda Weapon - A Rare Breed

Tha Murda Weapon is a duo that represents from the notorious neighborhood of Hamilton Park in Dallas, TX. It consists of Shorty Da Man and Jay Mac. The two are best known for their prolific work on their second album, "Thank You." A Rare Breed is their debut album and it was released in 1994 on Shorty Records. Since this is a tape only release some sound quality issues are to be expected. As always, Shorty Da Man provides all the production and brings his style of Texas funk to the table. The beats rely heavily on samples and tend to be somewhat generic. There are some flashes of brilliance musically and then there are times when the overall rhythm foundation is just very mundane. This could be because of lack of proper equipment or it could be the fact that the group was still trying to come up. Whatever the case maybe, the end result is still passable and certainly playable. Lyrically the tape fares quite well. Both members are proficient on the microphone and their unforgiving styles go hand in hand. Their rhymes are delivered at a steady pace and are constant with word play. They have good chemistry between each other and its quite evident throughout the whole record. Featuring on the tape is Jaicanblo. Overall this was a decent effort but it is nowhere near their second release. "Thank You" is in a league of its own but its not hard to see the groups' evolution from this release. Although this was just a humble beginning for the group, it still steered them in the right direction. And while the core content does differ somewhat, this tape still deserves a spot in every Southern Rap collection.

Deadly Verses
Dedication ft. Jaicanblo

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