Thursday, May 26, 2016

Staydown - N-Da-Game

Staydown is a collective that represents from the harsh streets of Waco, TX. The group consists of Slugger, Bugga, Bigg Knocc and Country. The group was formed in the late nineties by Slugger and Bigg Knocc. N-Da-Game is their debut album and it was released in 2000 on Staydown Entertainment. The album was recorded mainly in Houston due to plethora of studios that the city has to offer compared to Waco. The record is masterly produced by the platinum producer, Slugger. The beats are a perfect example of that Texas funk. They contain solid bass lines which are blended with some hard hitting drums. The rhythms are also genuinely crafted and they certainly cater to the Swang & Bang crowd. Slugger gives a lot of attention to detail which in return makes the overall result very crisp and enjoyable. The album also shines in the lyrical department. The members take turns discharging their various styles upon the microphone. Bigg Knocc seems to standout the most but the rest are not too far behind. Their deliveries are full of pace and the variations to their tone and pitch are all done with perfection. Their southern drawl is also quite eminent, while their demeanor and personalities embodies the streets. Guest appearances are made by Ice Lord, 3-2, C-Note, Big Pokey, Lil' O, Billy Cook and Lil' Flip. It may seem as if the album is a little guest heavy due to the star studded guest list but that is not the case at all. The guests are used sporadically and the group relies more on their own intuition. The album closes out with an impressive total of fifteen tracks, with each cut outdoing the other. All in all, this was a remarkable effort by the group but one that seem to have went unnoticed. It is truly a task for artists to represent from the smaller cities in Texas, mainly because of the lack of exposure they will receive. Staydown knew of this dilemma and changed their approach accordingly. They could have just easily recorded at a local studio in Waco, instead they drove back and forth to Houston and recorded at one of the more famous spots. Not only did this move help to establish connections in the city but it also augmented their reputation. They group went on to release a follow up album in 2005 and then disbanded. At the end of the day, this release will always sit as a polished gem, waiting to be discovered from The Heart of Texas.

Deadly Verses
Hard Life

Album Notes
* The group is also known as the Staydown Clique.
* Slugger would retire from the Rap industry in 2006.
* He would change his alias to Minister Slugger and would then become a Christian Rap artist.
* He is also a Minister at a local church in Waco, Texas.  
* "The Heart of Texas" is the nickname for the city of Waco.

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