Sunday, January 3, 2010

From Mo City To Yo City

From Mo City To Yo City
From Mo City To Yo City is an underground compilation which was put together by Johnny Palmer and it was released in 2000 on Johnny Palmer Entertainment. The record is basically an analect of various rappers whom all represent out of Missouri City, TX. Although artists like Lil' Flea of Street Military, PSK-13 of the South Park Coalition, members of the Fakkulty and C4 are absent, the record does have the majority of Mo City musicians rendering on it. This includes the likes of Z-Ro, the entire Half Dead Organization, Black Mike, B-1, III, Shano, Militant Soul, D-Ray, Lil' Devil, Amir, J-Bone, Jeff Reed and Mike. All the synth filled production is provided by Smittyroe of the Half Dead Organization, Black Mike, Infa Red and Byrd. The producers do a great job by keeping the beats relentless and making sure they carry that hardcore sound. While there are a couple tracks that are a bit slow and laid back, most of them have a dark street edged feel to them. Lyrics are nothing short of spectacular mainly due to the courtesy of the vile rappers listed above. Rhymes are portrayed in various manners and tend to change track after track. Some are delivered fast with tongue twisting styles and others are conveyed furiously with word play. The contents of the compilation range from ghetto tales to self conscious raps. Featuring on the album is Solo D of the Straight Profit Blockbleeders, Big Moe and Dat Boy Grace of the Screwed Up Click. All in all the record is a true and pure example of the underground scene from the Lone Star State. The collection served its' purpose by giving the listeners a deep genuine sound backed up by a commendable quality of substance.

Deadly Verses

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Andrew said...

you know anything about Amir? or got anything more by him? cause i be loving on that track