Monday, December 14, 2009

Mydus - Southern Gold

Mydus - Southern Gold
Mydus is an exceptional rapper who represents straight out of Lafayette, LA. Southern Gold is his debut album and it was released in 1999 on Dynasty Records. All the deep southern fried production is provided by Jimmy Wiley, Marcus L. Cormier and Jay Burton. The beats are laced with all sorts of instruments and are mixed very congenially. This in turn makes the tracks enjoyably smooth and laid back. It is also a true definition of the timeless southern sound that is depicted in the record. Mydus can simply be described as a brute on the microphone. His lyrics display countless accounts of complex rhymes as well as the use of some genuine word play. The tempo of his delivery can also easily change pace. He showcases his pure verbal artistry on each and every ballad while still discussing and reflecting on many assorted affairs. Guest appearances are made by DJ Dolby D, Tray Duece, Mr. Newman, Aftershock, Marcus Cormier and Felica Jolivet. Overall the album offers twenty hefty tunes and gives the listeners a complete taste of the southern genre. The record is thoroughly solid and it can comfortably hold its' own weight against any premier release.

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