Friday, February 5, 2010

Red Money - II Much Red

Red Money is an outstanding rapper and a superior producer from the west side of Atlanta, GA. He first started off in the early nineties with his partner Kilo Ali. Kilo did most of the rhyming while Red did all the producing. Together they formed a dynamic duo that released numerous records in the sub-genre known as Bass Music. Throughout the years Red Money earned a credible reputation as a dominant producer and a profound lyricist. II Much Red is his debut solo album and it was released in 1995 on Arvis LGP Records. All the groovy southern orientated production is provided by Red himself. He leaned towards a different approach for the rhythms instead of his previous conventional production pattern. The beats stay on a steady course maintaining their southern origin while fusing elements of g-funk and bass. Every track contains solid doses of head bobbing melodies, jubilant sampling and Red's signature style of scratching. The beats are just a precedent to what is yet to come. The record briskly shoots to sky in the lyrical division. Red's vocals are immensely complex and he certainly inflicts them rapidly upon the microphone. Each cut is precisely torched with his distinct delivery and sublime manner. Not to mention his extensive vocabulary that proceeds to elaborate on all topics very thoroughly. Guest appearances are made by Quaze, Lamar, Lil' Marcus, U.P.U. Clique and the Low Budget Playaz. Overall the record can easily be held in high regards, making its' demeanor genuinely invulnerable. This is one of those special albums that comes along every once in a decade which has the ability to smoothly play on both ends. It is definitely one of the finer gems to emerge out of the underground from the infamous ATL. This alone gives it a place with a very select few that have garnered the legendary/elite status.

Deadly Verses
On Yo Azz


Host said...

Big Props 4 the Cover


ThaIgk said...

Thanks a lot for sharing this tight album!

Anonymous said...

great album... the best of this time!

rip is bad quality.. jumps in some tracks..

and one track is missing!

b.lluunndd said...

major thanks for putting me on to this album. you've got a dope blog here, keep it up.

Äpärä said...

Son, could you reupload the album? The link is not working anymore... :(