Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wood - Against The Grain

Wood - Against The Grain
Wood is a rapper from Missouri City, TX. He's a member of the furious Half Dead Organization as well as the legendary Screwed Up Click. This is his debut solo album and it was released in 2000 on Straight Profit Records. Production is handled by Slack, Big Fed, Byrd, Eric Hollis and Rick Marcel. They provide the excellent up tempo beats with the use of many instruments. Tracks are strictly southern orientated and are definitely top notch. Wood has always presented himself as a very strong lyricist. He is known for his excellent tongue twisting ability as well as his fast paced rhymes. Although his delivery has slowed down a tad bit since the mid nineties, he still manages to spit pretty quickly. Featuring artists are Z-Ro, Trae, Dat Boy Grace, Lil' Flex and the Straight Profit Block Bleeders that includes the likes of Den Den, Kool-Aid, Solo-D, Black-One, A.G., Bad Guy and Lil' James. Overall the record sustains great material, lyrically and production wise. The collaborations as a whole are noteworthy and entertaining. The entire album is put together quite brilliantly and it remains as a well polished gem in the underground.

Deadly Verses


Igor said...

thanks a lot, this album is jammin' hard...plus the quality is good!

Anonymous said...

do you have the password to this cd

Anonymous said...

do u have the password

QDawg said...

Sorry for the late reply. There are no passwords but try this new link. You shouldn't have any problems now.