Friday, March 20, 2009

Bam - A Rough Nigga'z Bible Vol. II (Hell On Earth)

Bam is a rapper from Houston, TX. He is a member of the Killa Klan as well as the legendary South Park Coalition. This is the follow up to his debut album, "Pray At Will." It was released in 2000 on Beatbox Records. All the banging production is done by G-Rapp The General and Richard Johnson. They provide nothing but solid tracks back to back. Bam is known for his commanding and vicious delivery. His style of raw lyrics and rough rhymes has not changed much since his first album. Featuring guests are K-Rino, Z-Ro, Fakkulty, Top Dog, Lorenzo and Marolyn. Bam returned with a vengeance and delivered classic material, once again. Overall the record sustains explicit content all through out and it is definitely worth a listen.

Deadly Verses
The Revenge ft. Z-Ro


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why he went to prison?

THE WORD said...

He was locked up for beastiality, the F.B.I found countless images of animals licking peanut butter off genitals. His sick fetish drove him to later molest horses and was one day brutally kicked in the testicles. He Now lives crippled but continues to be a beast on the mic

Anonymous said...

is it fckin true? oO