Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dean - The State Of Texas Vs. Dean

Dean - The State Of Texas Vs. Dean
Dean is a rapper from Houston, TX. He is also affiliated with the South Park Coalition and he ended up being known for his devastating flow. This is his debut album and it was silently released in 2007 on Wreckless Entertainment. Production on the record is excellently done by Dope-E of The Terrorists. The beats exemplify every aspect of the southern region. They are laced with killer hooks along with equally dope samples. The lyrics alone set the album apart from others. Rhymes are full of controversial wisdom and prolific word play. They are delivered quickly and emphatically. Appearances are made by K-Rino, K.B. Da Kidnappa of Street Military, Point Blank, Dougie D of the Guerilla Maab, Dirty Red, D-T, Shonda, Russ G, Diesel, Badd Azz and Esincho. The whole album is put together very resoundingly and it can easily be labeled as one of a kind. Also, the significant content is superior to radio waves and can strictly be considered as one hundred percent underground.

Deadly Verses
Gun Pop

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