Thursday, January 1, 2015

Lil' Sin - My Secret

Ronald Warner Jr., better known as Lil' Sin is a rapper who represents from the eastside of San Antonio, TX. He has been around since the mid nineties and is also very well respected throughout the southern region. Sin first started off with his fellow "Sa Town" rapper, C-Ordell. They were signed to BLVD Records and both took the city by surprise with their excellent debut efforts. My Secret is his third album and it was released in 2000 on Unstoppable Records. The production is split between the trio of Micheal Terry, James Sproul and Jac. The beats can be described as a contemporary mix that emulates southern funk. Some of the melodies are light, while others are somewhat uptempo. They are a perfect blend of the old that is congenially mixed with the new. Lil' Sin is a pretty accomplished lyricist. His unorthodox flow pattern as well as his choice of distinct word play is brought feircely upon the microphone. His unique style is his weapon of choice and although four long years have passed since his debut, he still doesn't seem to miss a beat. Guest features are made by UGK, Ganksta NIP, Lil' Keke, Nino, Kottonmouth, Billy Cook, 3-2, Mr. Joshay, Jamie, King 13, Emanuel, MT, Uncle Roger and S.F.K. Overall the album has its fair share of ups and downs but it still does not disappoint. It is one of those many releases that despite great content, always somehow go unnoticed. Lil' Sin went on to release a few more records before switching his alias to Young Namar.

Deadly Verses


Mixerr Rvs said...
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QDawg said...

Hey Micheal, I just read your review and it is spot on. The album does feel like B-Sides especially when the song with UGK, "Free" shows up on all his albums except the debut. Like you said one thing is certain, Sin's material is consistent and contains depth. Also thanks for the insight on BLVD Records. I always thought that was a better home for Lil' Sin since he had guys like Rice, Sugabear, Finesse 1 and C-Ordell by his side.

Mixerr Rvs said...
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Mixerr Reviews said...

Yes I saw your album review pop on my buzz feed when I logged on to blogger. It caught attention to my eyes. I believed My Secret wasn't thoroughly reviewed by me since I last reviewed this album back in 2013.

I didn't really enjoy this album as much as the previous two debut albums efforts because My Secret sounded like B-Side material from the archives of BLVD Records. In case you're wondering what happened to BLVD Records, they had some legal mishaps occur in 1999 specifically tax reasons.

As for My Secret… The My Secret album is on iTunes. I was the reason that his earlier music was on iTunes. I am the one who persuaded him to put his music on iTunes, emusic, GooglePlay, and Amazon.
I reviewed nearly every Lil Sin album out. A lot his Young Namar albums are hard to find because he only presses up 200 copies to sell out the trunk in San Antonio. His Young Namar albums are 4Eva Young, BIYO, Still Here, and The Takeova.
Lil Sin is now independent on his own label SoufField.

QDawg, BLVD Records closed down due to tax reasons. I talked to the owner (Clyde Williams III aka Sugabear) back in 2013 and he seemed to not want to talk about what happened to BLVD Records for some reason.

I know all this because I talk to Lil Sin on instagram all the time. Lil Sin is @lilronniew1974 on instagram!