Saturday, January 24, 2015

Young Bleed - My Balls And My Word

Glenn Clifton Jr., better known as Young Bleed is a rapper from the wicked streets of Baton Rouge, LA. He is also a dominant member in the group known as the Concentration Camp. His main influence and the root for all his rhymes is his loving mother. She would read a lot of classical poetry to him at a very young age. Bleed started writing around the age of nine and started recording rhymes by the time he hit his teenage years. He would sell his home made tapes to friends and family before joining forces with fellow Baton Rouge rapper, C-Loc and then ultimately forming the invincible Concentration Camp. My Balls And My Word is his debut solo album and it was released in 1998. Although this release was originally intended for C-Loc Records, it was put out through No Limit Records and Priority Records. The reasoning behind all of this is very simple. In the year 1997, Young Bleed met Thug Drama a local producer, who would eventually introduce him to Master P. Now at that time, Bleed was already signed to C-Loc Records while Master P was pretty much running the state of Louisiana as well as the entire southern region with his empire and army of rappers known as the No Limit Soldiers. So to get maximum exposure for the album throughout the southern United States C-Loc and Young Bleed decided that it would be best to distribute the album through No Limit Records. Also with Master P having the publishing deal with Priority Records, Bleed could quite possibly get world wide attention for his work. It was a win win situation for the rapper as well as all the people involved with C-Loc Management. Production behind this project is done by the expert team of producers known simply as Beats By The Pound, which consists of KLC, Carlos Stephens, O'Dell, Craig B and Mo B. Dick. They are assisted by the extremely talented and always masterful, Nathan "Happy" Perez along with Pimp C of UGK who is also credited for one of the tracks. The beats exceed all expectations as one would suspect with such extreme talent listed above. The melodies are comprised with multiple instruments and their southern vibe is beautifully present. They are crafted with such clarity and precision that each cut gives off an orchestrated feel. All the tracks are laced with superb melodies and such intricate rhythms that the listener has no choice but to oblige. Lyrically the album goes into a whole different realm. Young Bleed is an absolute brute on the microphone and he demolishes the tracks laid out by the producers. No two rhymes are the same and no two lines are the same. His unorthodox flow pattern is a direct result of the poetic mentoring by his mother and his choice of word play is so unique that it may take listeners a few replays just to understand his message. Its no wonder that he received all the backing from Master P since really no other artist from C-Loc's camp has had the honor or the privilege to work with him to such an extent. Guest appearances are made by Mystikal, Master P, Fiend, C-Loc and the Concentration Camp (Max Minelli, J-Von, Lee Tyme & Lucky Knuckles). Although the album only manage to achieve the gold plaque, it is always held in high regards due to its uncanny nature. It may have been that no one expected such a release from No Limit or it could have been that the work was truly ahead of its time. Whatever the reason maybe, it is quite clear to see the talent at hand and a genuine masterpiece at large. At a time when only a few southern artists were known for their lyrics, Young Bleed came and set the standard pretty high and accomplished this feat with ease. All it takes is one listen of this debut album and it can make anyone into a true believer that the South does have quality emcees; one just has to know where to look.

Deadly Verses

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