Saturday, November 15, 2014

Poetic Vandals - Tha Quickest Tongues Down South

Poetic Vandals is a group that hails from the malicious streets of San Antonio, TX. The group is known to be well over sixteen members deep since some members of The Underground Committee are also affiliated. The Vandals consists of J-Roc, Hollow Point, Nightmare, Teflon, Qwik, R-1, Twink, BDG, Lil' J, Drops, Huggz, Apollo, SK and the female emcee known as Lil Tiff. Tha Quickest Tongues Down South is their debut album and it was released in 2002 on Payway Records. Production is mainly provided by BDG while Apollo chips in on a couple of tracks. The beats are all derived electronically and the use of any real instrumentation is slim to none. This could be the very reason why the beats sound a little bland and only a few tracks really standout. Lyrically the album is far more superior and certainly lives up to the title. The clear focus of all the members is to deliver sharp rhymes at a blitzing rate. Their styles are unique and their word play is quite commendable. They certainly waste no time and start demolishing the tracks laid out in front of them. Also the backup vocals are on point and are provided by Lil Tiff. All in all its a valiant effort by the Alamo City natives and had it not been for the sub-par production, this record would have easily raised the eyebrows of major label executives. As a group they went on to release one more album in the year 2004. Although there are rumors floating around for a Vandals reunion in the very near future. Also, rest in peace to The SwiftONE better known as Lil' J.

Deadly Verses

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